Felix Bernhardt is a Live-Act to the core.

It’s impossible to put his productions in one special category, as his Sets aren’t only moving but also really cheerful and in the same time driving without any compromise. You can hear about the Felix Bernhardt-Sound more and more. Without any intention he build up his very own booth where he celebrates together with his raging fans his sounds, that can be, if you really have to, put between the genres of #TECHNO and #MINIMAL. In a nutshell Felix Bernhardt is – just as his sound – peerless.

It’s pretty hard to tell if he’s a natural or an exceptional talent. For Felix there’s no “either-or” but an “and”.

Only his very own stamp always fits: #ABFAHRT.

In 2009, at this time Felix was 23 years old, his first production was released on Thomas P. Heckmann’s label A.F.U. (AFULAB07). Since his first release you can find the young man as a kind of a patron in many sets of artists like Richie Hawtin, 2000andONE, Bodzin or Butch, not just with his first release but with many others,too. His releases on labels like ITALO BUSINESS or DER HUT represent his spectrum of sounds but also his matter of style, as producer but also as remixer. But Felix isn’t only commited to produce tracks, he’s also working with the well known sample-forge “LOOPMASTERS” in collaborations of Sample Librarys. His videos for FEIER PIPI, TWO DOT ONE or MUNTERE MONIKA are climbing to the top of the hill on Youtube.

He plays his thing and he does his thing; no matter if it’s at some commercial Festival or at an underground club – the main clou is #ABFAHRT

mit einer Mission, die es zu beschreiben gilt?